The goods we're offering are

... sourced direct from Ecuador artisan families. When you trade directly with us, you are supporting craft workers, designers, their families and their communities.  We the people who live and work in Ecuador.

... available in the range of colors and options that you desire. We offer customization and attention to detail.

... eco and animal friendly.

... coming from a company active in local community.

A Bit of Our Story

Henry Garman

store manager

We open Ecuador Craft Wholesale in 2011. Have exported thousands of shipments worldwide.  Received awards from the Ecuador post office in 2014 and 2015 for being #1 top exporter. For more info, see the About Us page

This site has been offline due to covid restrictions and post office problems. (The Ecuador Post office is still not functioning.) We are shipping via DHL worldwide express. Place an order and pay for the goods. When they are ready to ship we will bill you for shipping.

We're located in rural Ecuador, near Cotacachi.