rain forest tagua

Wholesale Tagua Jewelry & Ecuador Artesanias (Handicrafts) - Import Direct from Otavalo

* Ecuador is a prime source for Indigenous Crafts - items renowned world wide.
* Our home town is Otavalo, Ecuador, a center of Andean arts and craftsmanship.
* Crafts are created by Indigenous Peoples who receive a fair wage for their work.
* If you have a retail store, home based or internet business you qualify to purchase.
* We
 can work with you to develop custom products.

Here are the Crafts that we will send Direct from the craftspeople of Ecuador to You:

Tagua Ivory Necklaces, Bracelets, keychains, massagers and ornaments
Bamboo Flutes
Stone Sculpture and pendants in Jade and Serpentine
Knitwear: wool hats, clothing
Balsa Wood Carvings from the Amazon
Dream Catchers
Panama Hats
Cotton Clothing

All sales are wholesale trade only.